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Valentine KISSES Personalized 30 oz. 40 oz. Tumbler Tag, Stanley nameplate, accessories

Valentine KISSES Personalized 30 oz. 40 oz. Tumbler Tag, Stanley nameplate, accessories

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Surprise a friend, your child's teacher or your special someone with our Valentine's Day Edition acrylic name plate to fit your 40 oz. Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler. Choose the color of tag and lips.

Our Valentine tag affixes securely to the top of your tumbler without any adhesive, and can be easily removed. It is not a clip on fit, but it is a snug fit. There is no adhesive and must be taken off before you wash your lid.

*Please ensure the size you've ordered is correct for your tumbler . These fit the 40 oz. Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler

*This order is for name plate only and does not include the tumbler. **NOT dishwasher safe. Gentle cleaning only.
**Acrylic can be broken if dropped, hit on something hard, shoved in a locker, etc...
Please keep this in mind before you order.
Shop is not responsible for broken tags.**


All our items are MADE TO ORDER and handmade. No two will be the same. There are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations.

Of course if there is ANY issue with your order please reach out immediately so I can resolve the issue for you :)

Name plate for the Stanley brand tumbler version. Please make sure you are choosing the right size for your tumbler. If you are getting the name plate for the "dupe" you are doing so at your own discretion. These lids fit most but not all dupes. The 40oz and 30oz name plates are different sizing. They are NOT interchangeable with the different sizing cups - 30oz fits 30oz ONLY and 40oz fits the 40oz ONLY! šŸ™‚

PLEASE READ: The name plate will NOT sit flush onto the cup due to the median being raised and curved. It will have small gaps at the curve in the front (by the straw) and back of the name plate. The name plate will be able to be removed easily. You simply take the name plate and slip it over the straw pressing the 2 points in front of the straw in place. You will need to have your straw straight up and down because if it is tilted the name plate won't go on straight!====
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